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MAY 17-18 2025

About the event;

​The GeoChallenge will have you plotting and driving a course through the High Country. Your team will be given a set of track notes, a map, and a set of questions. You must use all the information to figure out the course and then drive it. Along the way, you will need to answer questions, complete tasks, and look out for secret checkpoints. 

Your Team;

Your team should consist of at least two people—a driver and navigator—but you can have as many people as you can legally fit in your 4WD. Remember, the more sets of eyes you have, the better your chances! It's all about teamwork and collaboration.

Your Vehicle;

You should have a 4WD vehicle with good tyres and some ground clearance. You should also have the skills and knowledge to self recover, should you get stuck or break down. If we consider some tracks may not be suitable for everyone, we will make this known in the notes and we may suggest a bypass track. 

The Gear;

You will need pens, highlighters, rulers, and a tape measure. You will also need a GPS program with UTM coordinates. OziExplorer is a good program that will run on a Windows laptop or Android tablet. Other apps, such as Memory Map or Hema 4wd maps, may also work, but you should try them before you get there. Your phone is a wonderful thing. It should have a built-in compass and allow you to take photos of important things on the course. 


Our base camp will be near the Thomson Dam, north of Walhalla. The exact location will be announced closer to the event. You should bring your own camping gear. The campsite is suitable for camper trailers but not caravans. 


There is a complimentary breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Additionally, on Saturday evening, we will provide your main meal. You must bring your own food and car snacks for Saturday and Sunday driving sessions.

Presentation, Trophies and Prizes;

Over the weekend, we will tally up the points you've scored and deduct the penalties to come up with the winning teams. Sunday afternoon, there will be a presentation where the top 10 teams will be read out, and the top 3 teams will receive trophies and prizes, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.  ​

So, what do you need to compete?

All you need is a 4WD, a GPS and most importantly, a sense of adventure. We will provide the maps, course notes, a campground and any help you need to get started. It's the spirit of adventure that drives us in the GeoChallenge! 


​​Entry is $400 and includes catering for 2 people, so why not load up the car with your mates, split the costs and have an unforgettable adventure. 

Check out the video below to see what you're in for. 

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