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You’ve heard of GeoCaching? You know, you have co’ordinates, clues and puzzles to take you to a reward hidden somewhere in the bush, Well let us, at 4WD Events Australia, introduce you to our series of Geodrives.

We take the concept of clues, puzzles and navigation then add it to off roading in some of the most scenic, iconic, historic and interesting parts of Victoria and end up with a good time. We’ll break down the who’s who and what’s what of our different styles of events and we’re sure you’ll find something to pique your curiosity.



Our GeoNav’s are all about the navigation! We use a series of co’ordinates, usually in UTM (See FAQ’s), to guide you around a course. You’ll have questions to answer and things to look for. We throw in some stick maps, tulip notes and some other weird and wonderful types of navigating to keep you thinking. These events are family friendly, usually camping, in a communal camp environment, one or two nights and competition on two days (Sat/Sun) for roughly 8/9 hrs each day. You will require a 4wd vehicle with low range and we suggest all terrain tyres. The driving difficulty is easy to moderate. Self recovery is generally not required but we recommend a basic recovery kit (kinetic recovery strap and shackles) as a minimum.



Our GeoAdventures are family friendly events with easier navigation, but you will still require some navigation knowledge or at least be a quick learner. Similar to a car trial you will have clues and puzzles to solve to lead you around a course whilst looking for ‘hidden treasures”. If you have kids, they will have some notes of their own to follow so they are looking out for things on the same course as you drive around. GeoAdventures are usually held over long weekends with 3 days of competition. The driving difficulty is easy/moderate. A standard Fourwheel drive with lowrange and All Terrain tyres will be able to safely traverse the course. Self recovery is not expected but as always we recommend at least a basic recovery kit.



Our GeoChallenges are more Extreme driving with the probability of self-recovery being required. We recommend well set up vehicles and experienced drivers. Mud terrain tyres recommended, and you will need a winch and associated equipment. Similar navigation styles to a GeoNav but a little easier. GeoChallenges are one or two day events.



Our Geo24 is a 24 hr navigation event. You will be required to navigate your way around following notes and plotting coordinates for 24hrs. We recommend multiple drivers and navigators for fatigue management reasons. Driving difficulty is hard and self recovery may be required.



Our Geo12, is a 12hr events that run from midday until midnight. These events are moderate to hard navigation and moderate to hard driving. Self recovery may be required.


For the most part our events are held in state parks and forests around Victoria, usually camping in public or private camp grounds. We cater main meals for when you are in camp but will need food and drink for you competing time.

Driving difficulties:

Easy: Suggests the event can be driven in a relatively stock 4WD with low range and reasonable ground clearance. Typically moderate hills, sand or gravel tracks. We recommend good all terrain tyres. Self recovery is not anticipated.

Moderate: Suggests you may encounter some steep hills, rutted tracks or heavy sand or mud. We recommend you have some 4wding experience and are confident in your ability. Good offroad tyres and suspension lift are recommended. Self recovery (winching) may be required depending on your vehicle and driving ability. A winch is recommended but not compulsory.

Hard: Suggests steep rutted hills, mud, heavy sand, rocks or technical obstacles. Self recovery is likely and you will require a winch and associated equipment to perform self recovers. We recommend good offroad tyres, preferably mud terrain, suspension lift and a well set up vehicle. You will be required to tackle obstacle autonomously and are expected to have the ability and skill to manage those situations un aided.

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